Title IX Resource Coordinators

Remote Support

Speech BubblesHarvard College’s Title IX Resource Coordinators, Erin Clark and Brian Libby, are a resource to students as in a remote community. In the Coordinator’s role receiving disclosures, they can be a resource regardless of when or where an incident occurred, or the identity of the other party. Erin and Brian’s work supporting students will strive to ensure appropriate supportive measures, supports, and resources are available in the current environment.

  • Schedule a meeting by Zoom or by phone between 8:30am and 5:00pm EST Monday through Friday. For students unable to meet during this time frame, email erin_clark@fas.harvard.edu. Erin and Brian will accommodate time zone and schedule to the best of their ability.
  •  Attend virtual office hours on Thursdays, 2-4pm EST through the semester. Office hours are an opportunity for students at Harvard College to stop in for a quick conversation or question with Title IX Coordinator Erin Clark.
  • Email collegetitleix@fas.harvard.edu.

Harvard College Title IX Resource Coordinators

Erin's headshotErin Clark
Program Officer for Title IX and Sexual Misconduct
College Title IX 
University Hall, 024
Cambridge, MA 02138

In her role with the Chicago Public Schools, Erin provided leadership in the opening of the Office of Student Protections and Title IX, where she has led a team that responds to all reports of sexual misconduct and sexual and gender discrimination impacting students in the District, while enacting new policies and procedures to enhance student safety and staff accountability and compliance. Previously, she led Northwestern University’s Center for Awareness, Response and Education through a three year Office on Violence against Women grant. There her team was responsible for sexual violence prevention programming, sexual health education, and confidential advocacy services for students impacted by sexual misconduct. Prior to these roles she spent several years working for advocacy and service organizations including Break the Cycle and the Office on Violence Against Women in Washington, DC, and the Women and Families Center in Middletown, CT.

Erin oversees Title IX for the College, ensuring that students are aware of all available resources and options for reporting and receiving support for issues related to sexual misconduct and harassment, addressing any concerns or potential violations that come up; managing education and outreach programs; collaborating with Title IX Resource Coordinators from across the University as well as the University’s Title IX Office; and conducting trainings for staff, among many other duties.

Erin will be holding Office Hours from 2-4pm ET, Tuesdays, when classes are in session.

Brian LibbyBrian Libby
Assistant Director, Office of International Education and 
Title IX Resource Coordinator, Harvard College
1414 Massachusetts Ave, 3rd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138

Brian Libby serves in the Coordinator role, in addition to his role as an Assistant Director in the Office of International Education. Brian is responsible for ensuring that students are well informed about Title IX as well as the Harvard University Policy and Procedures and the FAS Policy and Procedures around issues of sexual misconduct and harassment. Brian works to ensure that all students affected by sexual misconduct and harassment receive accurate, consistent information about the resources and options available to them; to mitigate challenges that arise for individuals following incidents of sexual misconduct and harassment by implementing interim measures; and to identify and address potential community safety concerns.

The Role of Title IX Resource Coordinators

Harvard University has designated Title IX Resource Coordinators throughout the University to help address issues of sexual misconduct and harassment within their specific unit or school. Harvard College’s Title IX Resource Coordinators for students play an integral role in ensuring that all students have access to the myriad resources and opportunities that Harvard College has to offer, both in and outside the classroom, recognizing that this access is critical to facilitating the intellectual, social, and personal transformations that a liberal arts and sciences education has to offer.

The Harvard College Title IX Resource Coordinators work with students at the College who have been impacted by sexual misconduct or harassment. To reach a College Title IX Coordinator, please email collegetitleix@fas.harvard.edu.

A list of the Title IX Resource Coordinators at the FAS can be found here. To identify a Resource Coordinator at the University outside of the FAS, please visit this website.