Policies and Procedures

Harvard University’s Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy applies to Faculty, staff, students, third parties, and appointees at the University. The policy applies to sexual and gender-based harassment, which includes harassment based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy and Procedures for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University adopts the University Policy and adds provisions specific to the FAS community, spelling out prohibitions on certain relationships between people of different university status, expanding quid pro quo harassment to include the conduct of individuals in student organizations and clubs, and expanding the jurisdiction of the University Policy to include conduct that occurs off-campus even in cases when it may not have the effect of creating a hostile environment in the Harvard community.

TheProcedures for Handling Complaints Involving Students Pursuant to the Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy explain the process available to individuals who are interested in filing a formal complaint against an undergraduate student at Harvard College as well as the process for requesting informal resolution. The Office for Dispute Resolution (ODR) is responsible for implementing those procedures.

 As those procedures explain, in cases when the respondent is a student at Harvard College, the Administrative Board of Harvard College is responsible for the administration of discipline as appropriate. For more information, please consult either the document for complainants or the document for respondents produced by the Administrative Board of Harvard College regarding the Disciplinary Process for alleged violations of the Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy.